The Unpublished Life (of a book)



The unpublished life of my book.
In sadness, I must not look.
Determination like a steamroller.
Shines within me so solar.
Bring the words to life I must!
Creativity cannot form into rust.
So soldier on I absolutely will.
My writing ambitions I will not kill.
Forward I will look.
To the published life of my book.


Health Scares And Cat Vacations


Life has a way of sucker punching you while you are not looking. For me, it was my right eye. One day I sat down in front of my computer and noticed that everything was very blurry. I blinked, I rubbed my eye (probably not the best idea) and I broke down in tears. Something was all of a sudden wrong with my right eye. So, I made the trip to my eye doctor.

“I hate to tell you this, but you have a detached retina,” he said with a look of worry in his eyes.

Yikes! Can’t that lead to blindness? I thought to myself but was afraid to say out loud.

So, it’s off to the specialist the next day. A sigh of relief, my retina is intact. But, a blood vessel burst in my eye. No surgery (yet), just waiting and watching that the blood in my eye goes away (he said it would), and follow up Doctor visits each week. What I am seeing swirling in front of my eye is blood (sorry, gross).  Yes, my vision in that eye is severely impaired but is improving slowly each week.

Life must go on, so I’m working, writing and going about my daily grind. As I’m working one day, I turn around to see my cat Luci on the floor belly up, enjoying a bask in the mid-afternoon sun. So, as I am struggling to see my computer screen with my one good eye, I’m thinking,  I need a cat vacation! For just a day or two, can I please be Luci? Just a short vacation from being a human and all that being a human entails. Can I sprawl out in the sun and just sleep? Can I head down to the kitchen and I don’t have to do anything…viola…food in my dish? Can I get loads of sympathy because my eye is bothering (aw, poor kitty!). I promise Luci, just a day or two, and I’ll give the cat life back to you. Deal?

Anyway, a girl can dream can’t she? Alas, my cat vacation will stay the silly daydream that it is…

Much Love,


I Need To Leave My Blog For A Bit…


I love to blog. But, I need to leave it for a bit. You see, I am working with an editor to get the first book of Tom Carroll Mysteries – Hawaii On Fire in tip-top shape for publishing. Honestly, it’s taking the stuffings out of me. I feel I can’t focus on the book, the blog, and the other things that take priority in my life.  I must simplify! So, it’s just goodbye for a bit. I plan to leave the blog up, I just won’t be contributing anything new to it for probably a few months.

Thanks to all of you who have followed, liked and commented on what I have posted. I am so very grateful.

As always, very much love,


Be A Hero


I’ve watched those I care about go through unspeakable loss. A loss of a child in a car accident. The loss of a second child in another car accident. A wife with two small children suddenly becomes a widow. A father, grandfather has the scare of his life when he finds out he has cancer. Then I watch them transform into my heroes. I marvel at their dignity, their Superman-like strength as they rise above their tragedies and simply move forward. Me? I don’t feel like anyone’s hero. Lately, I’ve crumbled into a hot mess when I’ve faced down my own hurts in life. But, I’m trying to do better. I’m trying to be that rock that I want to be on my journey through life. It seems to take a heavy dose of forgiveness, REALLY heavy sometimes. Couple that with belief in yourself (and faith, if like me you lean on, and believe in God).

So, yes it can be done…be that hero. Yes, we can do this thing called life!

Much Love,


A Heart That is Broken



A heart that is broken

is still a heart.

A heart in pieces

needs the glue of love

and understanding to

put it back together.

A heart that is hurting

needs patience

not judgement.

A heart that is lost

needs the compass of

compassion to lead the way.

We Need This On This Wednesday!

Well, at least I know I need this today.

Don’t be afraid to fail. Be afraid not to try.


I am taking the next step in my novel writing journey, and I’m terrified. I just hired a fantastic editor to go through my book. But, that means moving forward with my project. It’s reality, yikes! Yet, move forward I must, even if it is with shaky hands and racing heart. The alternative is not trying, not knowing that maybe, just maybe this book and series of books will be a great success.

So, get out there and try! Make it a great Wednesday. Make it a great life.

Jack Daniels Distillery…Every Drop From Lynchburg, TN, USA.

So, wherever in the world you drink Jack Daniels, know that every drop comes from one distillery located in Lynchburg, TN, USA. Yes, tucked into this lovely little town between Chattanooga and Nashville, Tn is the world famous Jack Daniels Distillery.  And, as we learned on our tour through the facility, making this yummy whiskey is truly an art.



This is where they make their own charcoal. The charcoal is made from burning the pallets. How do they set the pallets on fire? With whiskey of course. No, not a waste of good booze. If they used gasoline, the whiskey could come out tasting like gas…yuck! They filter the Jack through this charcoal. This helps give the whiskey its smooth flavor and distinguishes it from being a whiskey vs bourbon.

Some things we were not allowed to take pictures of for safety reasons. But, it was fascinating to see the big charcoal and yeast filled vats where the whiskey gets its start. We were also able to see the bottling line for the single barrel line. Yes, a single, well- aged barrel can be purchased. They then bottle it for the customer into about 260 bottles.



The front of the visitors center.

We chose a tasting tour. At the end, we were able to try very small samples of the different types of whiskey:



My happy husband, in his happy place:




The cave and spring. The very beginning of the whiskey. If you’ve had Jack, you’ve tasted this water.



One of the barrel houses where the whiskey ages to perfection.

We enjoyed the tour and the beautiful town of Lynchburg.

Much Love,