Not One More Tear Will I Give It!


A drop of water is not always a good thing.

When it is filled with negative emotions.

Such a small thing, yet brimming with hurtful explosions of power.

To breath, to step back.

To choose not to let it flow.

To turn off the faucet.

To stop up the dam.

To gain control.

To smile again.

To enjoy a wonderful life



Hawaii My Muse – What! No Waimea Canyon!!



Waimea Canyon sits majestically on the southwest side of the  Hawaiian island of Kauai.  Mark Twain named it the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. This canyon, this magical place that was formed, in part, by the island’s very plentiful rainfall.  And while it is smaller than it’s counterpart in Arizona, its no less awe inspiring. Stand at a lookout and observe for any period of time, and you will notice the sun acts as the most delicate paint brush, changing the look of the canyon, highlighting the reds, greens, and browns, as it makes its journey above. Watch with a touch of envy as the birds dip and rise through the canyon, getting the best view of anyone. Is that a waterfall spilling down onto the canyon floor? Yes, indeed!

Kalaulau Lookout, Waimea Canyon …Kauai, HI USA











So imagine my dismay when I realized I did not include this wonder in my book Hawaii On Fire! What is wrong with me? If this place didn’t inspire me to write, what would? But, I won’t beat myself up too bad. Why? Well, you all will just have to wait and see. Perhaps Tom Carroll will end up in Hawaii once again. Hawaii might not be on fire this time…but a spark might ignite. Oh my! I have got to figure out how to get this book published. So want to share it with you all. Hang in there with me, I’m really trying to make it happen!

Much Love,


Fabulous On This Friday…The Art Of Being, The Joy Of The Journey


On this Friday, I’ve been reflecting on something I read this past weekend. The article mentioned while it can be good to imitate another person’s good qualities, it isn’t good to imitate everything about the other person. To mimic how someone speaks, dresses, etc is well, it’s weird. So, it’s the art of being ourselves and enjoying that journey, wherever it takes us.  I took this advice and breathed a sigh of relief. Sure, I’ve learned to accept and love my individuality (my weirdness if you will, I admit it, I’m a bit out there. I’m different. I think most creatives are.)  However, it was nice to hear it, that it is okay to be just who you are, you.

So, on this Friday, this joy of the week, love being you. Embrace what makes you unique. Then, go out there and have fun this weekend, we’ve worked really hard, we deserve it!

Much Love,


Fixed! Atlanta, GA USA I-85 Bridge Collapse

So, back at the end of March, I wrote about the bridge collapse on one of our VERY major interstates that runs through the city of Atlanta. A bad decision made by someone to set something under the bridge on fire, and this was the result:


Then this happened because of the fire:

bridgecollapseNot good, very bad. A nightmare in fact. But…

1494447204745Look! All fixed and ahead of schedule by one month. It’s supposed to open back up either this weekend or by rush hour Monday morning. Awesome job of the workers and the State of Georgia. Makes this Georgia Peach proud.

What’s that I hear? One, big, collective sigh of relief by the drivers here in Atlanta. We did it y’all! We made it through this.

Much Love,






Sunrise, Miami Beach Fl USA 

Plain and simple, words, I love them! The power of even one word is astounding. Take for example the word beach. Breath that word in for a moment, and there you stand with your toes in the sand, and hearing the waves crash on the shore. Am I right? Yes indeed. Just the one word and we are transported to a different place.

Yet, there is caution in words. The wrong ones, and we can crush a spirit to a point worse than crushing a bone. Where a bone can heal, the pain of painful words can stick with us for a lifetime. So, great care needs to be taken to choose which words to say or write.

However, there are the words we can give to encourage someone. There is a Bible proverb that states, “As apples of gold in silver carvings, so is a word at the right time.” Even if you are not a Bible reader, can’t you see the truth in those words? Just by a few brief, well chosen words, we can make someone’s day better. We can boost another’s confidence. We can offer words of condolence to another in times of need. So, with this one, there is a key, we have to open our mouths and say the words. No, we may not get it perfect. But, with the best of intentions, we’ll probably help give someone the words they need to hear at that time in their life.

So, enjoy those words y’all. Read, read, read. Drink them in like the fine wine that they are. Bask in the knowledge that a new word can bring. Then use them each day to make the world a bit brighter.

Much Love,


Another Day With My Unpublished Manuscript.


Centennial Olympic Park, Atlanta, GA USA 


Here I sit. Staring at this computer screen. What lies behind this? A folder containing my book, my baby, Hawaii On Fire. So, how do I make it from point A to point B? How do I reach publishing nirvana? The options are endless. I can continue to reach out to Literary Agents and Publishers. I can self publish. I can wait and wait and wait…Somedays, my heart says to me, “you don’t have to do this.” It prods me with thoughts of the latest episode of my favorite television show. Or, it causes me to notice the beautiful day outside my window that moves me to walk to the park. Life! It draws me inward, it pushes me forward. The challenge each and every day? Finding the time for everything I want to do, balanced with everything I must do.  Writing must be a part of it all! Without writing, without being creative, I think something within me would hurt with the deepest pain. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. Today, everyday, I will push through. I will find a way to make my voice heard. The wild woman in this picture? She’s working hard on her dreams with her head held high.  Speak life loudly y’all!

Much Love,


Writing Has Just Not Been Fun This Week


So, the above picture has pretty much been me this week. Maybe not out loud, but in my head (okay, so a little out loud, but I tried to contain it) I’ve felt angry and frustrated without really knowing the reason for my emotions. But, I finally figured it out, writing has suddenly turned into a chore. The process of trying to get my book published has worn me down a bit. The latest rejection by a publisher has left me mentally exhausted. What to do? I know exactly what to do…Take a deep breath and get back to what I love, storytelling. I absolutely love telling a story. Whether it is a work of fiction, or something that really happened to me, I enjoy entertaining folks with my tall tales.

Patience, I have to keep reminding myself, is a virtue in this writing world. Therefore, I will soldier on. The Tom Carroll Mystery series will find it’s home in the publishing world, somehow, somewhere.

hope pic

Yes! I will put that lasso around hope, and move forward with my dreams. My further hope is that you all do the same.

Much Love,