Enjoy Life


In the past two weeks, I have watched helplessly as two families I know have suffered the unexpected deaths of their loved ones. I’ve tried my best to think of words of comfort. Yet, words just seem to fall flat given the enormity of these terrible losses. So what to do? Truly I think we honor these ones by living our best lives. My mother’s words ring in my ears, “Don’t sweat the small stuff,” she would tell me. Good advice to a daughter with an overactive imagination; advice I tend to forget from time-to-time. So, the gossip, the back stabbing out there, we simply have to let it go. All the stupid stuff that we worry about, we must brush it from our mind like a stray hair that has fallen from our head. Enjoying life? It’s about our friends. It’s about our families. The gold in our lives is the time spent with the ones we love. So, hold those ones tight y’all. Don’t ever let go over hurt feelings, our mis-understandings. My two beloved families had no idea they would be dealing with these tragedies just mere days ago. Nothing is a guarantee in this world, so breath in, breath out. It is vital that we make the best of each and every day!

Much Love,


Brrr! Throw A Blanket Over Hawaii On Fire…Not Cozy Enough.


So, the thing is, I love the cozy mystery genre of books. I enjoy them so much that I’ve determined to write a cozy series of my own, The Tom Carroll Mysteries. But, sigh, I have come to the realization that the first in the series, Hawaii On Fire, simply isn’t good enough. The book that I thought was done, needs work, needs to be better.

What is wrong then?

*Most cozies are set in small towns where most of the characters know each other. Tom is visiting Hawaii from the big city of Atlanta.  This is fixable. 

*Tom is a Corporate Private Detective. And so he is not the typical amateur sleuth of a cozy. This is fixable. 

Other than that, I believe I am on the right track with my story. Okay, it’s not that bad when I take the time to write this blog and think about it all. The characters know each other pretty well. I think they are interesting characters. And, I think many of them will be around for the remainder of the series of books.

Therefore, on this fabulous Friday, I will set to work with a positive attitude. I will cut my newbie author self some slack, and simply keep trying.

Happy writing y’all.

Much Love,


Live And Let Live


What is it that we do to ourselves when we don’t live and let live? We rob ourselves of friendships and family relationships that could have flourished in the bright light of love. We deprive ourselves of those others who could touch our lives down to the bone and marrow. The ones that could make us the best version of ourselves. So, what is a difference in politics? Or, how about a difference in religion? I know, taboo topics these. Yet, they are the very things that can divide us, separating us from each other. But, what about the smaller things, the nuances of these taboo subjects? What if someone celebrates a different holiday than you? Or, maybe doesn’t celebrate at all. Does it make that one less worthy of our time? Simply because they think and act a bit different than we do? It shouldn’t be so. But, it is. Can we see past our differences, and look for what we share in common?

As always, sending you much love.


Few Things In Life Are Free


Yes, few things in life are free. But, there is one gift you can give to yourself. It’s the gift of forgiving another. Granted, there are some things that are unforgivable, yet, more often than not, forgiveness is possible. Like the lightest of feathers, forgiveness will lightens our  load and frees up our heart for better pursuits. Forgiveness is a cold rush of water splashed over us on a hot summer day. It is beauty, it is right to forgive when we can. Like all good things, it can take time, so be patient with yourself if there is someone you can’t forgive right here, right now. Let the feeling come organically, and it will at the right time for it. But, do try to forgive, and give yourself the chance to feel the lightness. Give that gift to yourself!

Much Love,


Why Do We Come Together?


As I enjoy a day at the beach with my dear husband, and observe the ones around us, I wonder, what is it that makes us come together? Why do we search high and low for that special someone? My thoughts are interrupted by the pelicans flying above us in their group foundation, even they want to belong, to come together. It’s in us, animals to humans, we need each other.

So why is it hard to admit at times? We may have been hurt in the past. So, we lock our heart down like an underground bunker and guard it with our very existence. But that is no way to live! Forgiveness and forgetfulness of the past is a must. So, love and love deeply. Open the gates and give yourself to others. It’s the way of us as we come together.

Much Love



I Cry Tears For Manchester


Our babies are gone.

Yes, they were ours, even though we didn’t know them.

The ones to carry on, taken from us.

Our future, our pride, and our joy.

Stolen from us in one horrible minute.

One chance, one decision of doom.

I cry tears for the families of these precious young ones.

I cry tears for a heart so lost that it could justify this act.

I am in pain for us all.

We must learn all there is to know of love.

A love to rise up and keep us going.

Yes, our babies are gone.

Will we honor their memory by doing better?

It’s the gift we can give them.

It’s the love we can show Manchester.



Writing Is Therapy…Vent Away As Needed!


So, I probably like this picture more than I should.  

I recently read someone complaining about others complaining on social media (no, the irony of that is not lost on me). But, I must beg to differ on this one! Plain and simple, sometimes we have to vent. If that is your need right now, go ahead, vent away. Right here in the comments…feel free. You see, writing is very therapeutic.

Of course use caution is you do let loose, remember what goes on the internet stays on the internet. So, be vague if it is something about someone, or perhaps something work related. No need to get into trouble here, or anywhere else on the vast world wide web.

But, anyhow, I firmly believe in the positive side of things. However, sometimes life, well, it can be hard and negative. When that is the case, write about it! A journal entry, a poem, a somewhat fictional story about the situation, I highly recommend it. You won’t believe how nice it is to leave it all on the page – and just walk away from it., at least for a bit.

Well, this is me, wishing you a calm, peaceful Wednesday evening. But, if not so calm, write it down!

Much Love,